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Evening Language Training

Non-credit Evening Language Courses at UQAM

Choice of Evening Courses offered at UQAM

Language courses offered in the evening at UQAM give the chance to learn, review and validate anyone's* language skills regardless of age and educational qualifications.

Choose any language courses which meet both your personal and professional expectations in the list below.

For a detailed description of evening courses, please click on the following links :

French :
Grammaire française — Written and Spoken (for allophones)
Grammaire française — révision et consolidation (French Grammar Revision and Consolidation) (for francophones)
Communication écrite efficace (Effective Written Communication)

English :
English Writing
English Conversation

Spanish for Beginners
Spanish for Beginners 2

This courses list is not an utter one. Any language course can be offered if the minimum number of persons required register for a same semester. The management team keeps the right to cancel the said courses if the required number of registered students is not reach for a same semester. To get more informations, all interested persons are pleased to contact the UQAM Non-Credit Language Courses secretariat by email to languesnoncr@uqam.ca or by phone 514-987-3000, ext. 5621.

* In this Web site, the masculin has no other purpose than to lighten the text.

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