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Evening Language Training

Non-Credit Language Courses

The Non-Credit Language Courses are intended for individuals who wish to acquire, renew or evaluate their language skills in French, English or Spanish. The sessions are 5 or 10 weeks, depending on the season or course chosen.

All Fall 2020 courses will only be offered online and via distance learning.

For an overview of the courses offered, click on the following links:

French :
Communication écrite efficace et révision grammaticale (Effective Written Communication and Grammar Revision)
Grammaire française — Written and Spoken (for allophones)

English :
English Writing
English Conversation
English Pronunciation
ESL for Health Care Professionals

Spanish :

Spanish for Beginners
Spanish for Beginners 2

This courses list is not exhaustive. Any language course can be offered if the minimum number of persons required register for a same semester. The management team keeps the right to cancel the said courses if the required number of registered students is not reach for a same semester. To get more informations, all interested persons are pleased to contact the UQAM Non-Credit Language Courses secretariat by email to languesnoncr@uqam.ca or by phone 514-987-3000, ext. 5621.

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