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Evening Language Training


Evening Language Course : English Pronunciation. *Course reserved to speakers who master the abc of conversation.

From January 30th to April 3rd, 2019. Wednesday, from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

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Non-credit Evening Language Courses at UQAM

Communication écrite efficace (Effective Written Communication)

Target Public :

This course is mainly geared towards people whose mother tongue is French.

Individuals, students, professionals of any discipline.

Levels Offered :

* Level determined by the mandatory placement test

Course Format :

Small group lessons (12 to 16 participants maximum)       

Course Duration :

25 hours of training. A 2.5-hour* lesson, once a week over 10 weeks (*pause included)

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Teaching Approach and Content :

The objective of this course is to give tools to help anyone to :

  • Structure ideas in order to write precise, concise, coherent written documents (eg. letters, memos, emails);
  • Build arguments that will convince people in a variety of contexts, including delicate ones (choice of language register);
  • Improve written expression by increasing clarity and precision (syntax, spelling, punctuation);
  • Improve the look of written work, making it more professional and attractive.

Course Material :

Course material (theoretical presentation and practical exercices) : $ 20 (taxable – TPS (5%) only) to be paid upon registration

Certificate of Course Participation awarded at the end of the training (minimum attendance requirement: seven classes out of ten)

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