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Evening Language Training

ESL for Health Care Professionals

Target Public :

Individuals, students, professionals of the health care environment.

Levels Offered * :

* This course is not recommended to beginners
** Level determined by the mandatory placement test

Course Format :

Small group lessons (a maximum of 12 to 16 participants)        

Course Duration :

25 hours of training. A 2.5-hour* lesson, once a week over 10 weeks


Thursday from 6 PM to 8:30 PM

Teaching Approach and Content :

This course is designed as a general introduction to medcal terminology for participants working or studying in an English health care environment. Registering in this course, participants’main goals would be to become familiar and at ease with words, phrases and vocabulary specifically used in the medicine field. Completing this course allow participants to expand their language repertoire so they can communicate more effectively, either with English speaking patients or health practitioners.

In order to reach all these objectives, participants are invited to participate to various oral, written and listening exercices treating the following topics :

  • Establishing a first contact with a patient or a colleague;
  • Taking a brief history of the medical problem;
  • Summarizing a medical situation;
  • Soliciting information from patients’symptoms description;
  • Identifying and formulating triage questions for various health problems; and
  • Reflecting on what to say in sensitive medical situations.

Each of these topics covers vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation notions. Interactive activities (role-playing, debates, etc.) and concurrently simulating real-life situations communly experienced in an medical envrionment  are proposed to participants to enhance communication skills while practicing linguistic elements seen in class.

In addition, awareness to cultural differences is put forward throughout this course in order to raise participants’consciousness to the importance of linguistic accuracy in a medical environment.

Course Material:

The required didactic material is provided upon confirmation of registration. A maximum of $ 20 + tax (GST only) will be charged.

Certificate of Course Participation awarded at the end of the training (minimum attendance requirement: seven classes out of ten)

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